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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a global investment company,  officially incorporated in the UK under no:NI610470. In the event of complaints about the work of the service, is responsible for the actions of the site.
How does earn profits from the investment business?
Business software development and finance, Our investment platform is a fast growing & experienced company in cryptocurrency mining & trading world which will fulfill your financial dreams.
Why does call upon investors?
A simple example: buying each new share, futures or any other stock instrument, we get a chance to sell it and gain profit, and therefore the company is interested in the investors' new funds to purchase/sell new assets and gain even higher profits.
Can real money be earned on this site?
With investment project, the clients get rather instruments for earning online than profits.  Our clients transfer their money for trust management, and in return they get daily profits which can be stable or depend on the results of trading.  Since we run our business via the Internet, only electronic money can be accepted for investment purposes, since it is used by people worldwide and is the most convenient method of instant crediting to an investment deposit account.
What are the risks of loss of funds for the participants? proposes the risk-free activity.  However, to avoid possible loss the company is constantly update contingency fund.  In the case of force majeure situation all company's investors can expect to receive money back. Our company capital is GBP 10,000,000.
Who can be an investor of the project? has developed an international investment program for everyone, regardless of country of residence or age.  Our customers can be anyone with a minimum investment of only $40 and registered e-wallet.
Can I have more than one account in the project?
For cooperation with the company it is enough to have and use a one single account.  With this account you can make so many deposits as you see fit.
Can I help my friends or my family members to invest from the same IP address and using my computer?
Yes, they can have own accounts on the same computer and from same IP.  But please note that such participant should also have own payment account that is different from yours.
Can I be asked to send the password to my account for any reasons?
No, we never ask our clients to send their passwords.  If you face such situation, this is a fraud.
What do I need to start investing with
First of all, you need to register a new account, select an investment plan and make a deposit of at least $40 USD through the popular payment systems, such as Perfect Money, Ethereum, Payeer, Bitcoin and Advanced Cash.
What strategy for investors offers?
Our clients can become participants of the investment project and get guaranteed profit from 5% to 15% on a daily basis, depending on the deposit amount.
What are the minimum deposit and the maximum one?
You can choose any investment plan with the rate of income from 5% to 15% on a daily basis with a deposit from $40 to $200000 USD.
What is the schedule of profit accruals?
Accruals of profits are every 24 hours after the addition of deposit, every day of week.
How quickly will my money be deposited, and how long does it take to withdraw funds from my account?
Your deposit will be credited immediately after sending a payment.  The exception will be deposit through Bitcoin which requires a minimum of 3 network confirmations.  All withdrawals are instant.
Will you process my withdrawal request instantly?
Yes, correct, all withdrawals are instant.
How many deposits I can have at same time?
You can have several deposits in same plan or in different plans at once.
When will I get my deposit back?
Can not you withdraw from your deposit? why our system is entitled to receive its profits forever.
Do you offer compounding?
No, compounding option isn t possible.
How can I withdraw funds?
Sign into your account using your username and password.  Press (Withdraw) button or go to the (Withdraw) section, and make a request to payout available funds from your account balance.
What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?
You can withdraw any amount from your internal balance, but not less than $5 USD.
Can I make a deposit using PerfectMoney and then withdraw my profit through another payment system, Payeer for example.
Unfortunately, you can t.  You can get payout through only same payment system that you used to make a deposit.
Does the project have affiliate program?
Yes, the project offers to participate in a affiliate program: 4%.
Tell us briefly about the regional representatives: who they are and what advantages they have?
The company cooperates with the active participants of the project, which provide information and help new customers, talk about the features of the project and share their experience.  As well as the usual affiliate program, reward of representatives is 10%.  Send a mail with your data to the  .
How to become a representative?
To do this, please fill out online form on the website and wait.  Consideration of a request for assignment of the status of the company's representative may take up to 7 business days, so please be patient and wait for the checking of your data.
How to promote and refer potential clients ?
Various of advertising tools for referring potential clients can be found in the "Promo Materials" section within your private area.
How and where are the profits of the company's agents accrued?
The profit for each attracted customer having made a deposit is accrued on the total balance in your user account. Detailed statistics related to the number of attracted clients and profits from participating in the agent program can be seen under "Your Referrals" section.
How safe is my personal data, which I leave on the site?
The site is on a dedicated server with round the clock protection against DDoS attacks by DDos Guard, it is scanned daily for malware. In addition, all data is encrypted by Comodo EV SSL certificate.
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