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operatebitcoin.comis planning a large-scale international development.  Now we are only at the stage of business expansion and we need as many local employees.  That's why the company starts with the involvement of regional representatives. Any of you can become a part of our international team.

If you are interested as investor or just making your first steps as an investor, you will probably want to talk with someone who knows the company inside.  These people are our representatives. They are willing to answer all your questions, provide you with step-by-step instructions and, of course, share their own experiences. In this section you can find a closest representative in your country.  If you re not able to find such representative - it s time to take the vacant place!

As a motivating factor for representatives, we use a higher affiliate commission. You will receive 10% of each deposit of your referral.

Besides, your unique affiliate link will be added to our website and anyone can find it to join our investment proposal. Make our Gold I or Gold II plan.  Contact us and be our representative. Send  (skype:live:operatebitcoin).

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